Opposites Attract

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I recently celebrated my marriage of 29 years, and I am still amazed at the actions of my spouse once in a while. How is it that after 29 years of marriage, you can still realize something new about your spouse and it can drive you a bit crazy? It can also add humor as some incidents become running jokes. 

Last September, we were driving out of a medical building where I had just seen a doctor. While we were exiting the parking garage, a large man was walking towards us. The man had bandages all over his face and you can tell underneath the man had to have been in a serious accident as you could see bruises around the bandages. The man to me resembled Frankenstein and actually startled me.  As we drove past, I said to my husband, “Oh my God, what do you think happened to that man?” My husband replied, “What man?” I was truly shocked that he did not notice this man that had walked directly past our car. So, for the past few months it has become a running joke, and I ask if he had noticed something that to me was quite obvious but to him was nothing to see. I always start with, “I am sure you did not notice that…”

Another quality that I have noticed is his lack of urgency. Nothing is an emergency and he NEVER moves quickly. We started carpooling this year and this is when I noticed how slow he moves in the morning. Today, it was bitter cold, and he could not find his hat. 1. I am not sure why his hat was not with his coat and gloves from yesterday and 2. While he was looking, there was not a pep in his step at all. Of course, I was dressed and waiting as patiently as I could.

We have also gotten calls that a family member has had an emergency. I am up and out the door. His response, “I need to change.” Change? Why, because if we do go to St. John’s or Jamaica Hospitals, people will be looking at our attire? I have been there a few times, we will be fine.

Now believe me, I know I am not the easiest person to get along with and/or live with. I am sure my quick moving in the morning is annoying to him as well. I am sure my alarmist attitude is also up there as a trait that bothers him. I guess that is why they say, opposites attract. That is for sure, we are opposites.

I told him I was writing this column and he said he is writing a rebuttal. Bring it on, Hanning. I would also love to hear from some of you! I would love to hear your stories.

By Beth Hanning

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