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In case you have not seen the barrage of sports betting advertisements, sports betting is now legally allowed in New York State. Now I love JB Smooth, aka Leon from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” but I am done with seeing him dressed as a Roman Emperor on the commercials all day long.  And come on, his wife/empress is Halle Berry? That is another column entirely. 

One of the reasons why this is a fabulous idea is the revenue that it will bring to the State. According to Forbes Magazine, “the State has already collected $200 million in licensing fees. In 2023 the state expects to collect $357 million and $465 million in 2024.” By 2027, it is expected to be over $500 million in revenue.  Wow, that is fabulous, because in New York City we need a lot of things.

However, the article also states that a percentage of the revenue will fund programs that address gambling addiction. The irony of this to me is amazing. Let’s make something legal that will bring in revenue then we will fund programs from that revenue that will help the people who lost their shirts betting on sports.

The remaining money will go to education similarly to Quick Draw and The Lottery. I am curious to see where this money will go in education. Because with all of these revenue sources, the education department should be flush with cash.

Maybe some of the things I need in my world of education is more heat. The custodian used to come in and check the radiator and he would say what needed to be done…Today, January 25, it is 39 degrees at 9:55 a.m. and my radiator is ice cold. I am already planning my outfit for tomorrow’s drop in temperature.

Another thing that does not work in my classroom are all of the outlets. I am, by no means, an electrician but I feel we need an electrical upgrade. When the building was built in the 1960s, we did not have a laptop cart with 36 laptops, two printers, two desktops, and a projector. Not to mention the students coming in each period and asking to charge their phones. PS: It blows their mind that I charge mine at bedtime each night ONLY because I am not on it all day.

A local Rockaway school, where a few of my friends work, told the staff and students before Christmas break that they could not flush the toilets. Yes, you heard me correctly. Again, my area of expertise is not plumbing or health services but I do think this is a health issue?

I wonder where I send my wish list?

I was upset that infrastructure was not on the list of things that would be funded but maybe that could be from the massive revenue of speed and red-light cameras? I know my family and some of my friends have made a few “donations” to that project. 

Have a good week everyone!

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 By Beth Hanning

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