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 Dear Editor:

 Katie McFadden's eulogy (RT 9-2-21) was a beautiful, heartfelt tribute and celebration of her mother Patricia's life. The process of writing it, reminded me to be mindful of our present life and the people in it. Katie captured the essence of her mother’s life. I am sure it was cathartic for her as well as for the readers. I am a devotee of eulogies and obituaries having eulogized my father, mother, sister and brother. I have read the New York Times Book of the Dead. It is an anthology of 250 eulogies. Some are of famous people. Others were just ordinary people who contributed to society in their own extraordinary way. Mrs. McFadden was a nurse, a noble profession. Her main focus was, however, her family. I actually felt that I got to meet her as a friend and neighbor as a result of Katie's words.

May she Rest in Peace, and May Her Memory be a Blessing! Sincerely,

John W. Roberts




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